Initial set up for dummies (i.e. me!)


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So, there's a new set of natal Arcadia shells upstairs waiting for Santa to deliver them in a couple of weeks time.

They are all boxed up at the moment, and whilst the snare has the heads installed, none of the toms or bass drum have any of the heads installed.

Any hints or tips for installing? Both heads need installing (top and bottom), do I start with one end first? Is the bass the easiest or hardest to get done? I'd ideally like to get them all in a playable (but not necessarily perfect) state for Christmas Day so that it can all be assembled reasonably easily.

Any help gratefully received. Despite emailing, natal haven't provided any instructions!!


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Our eardrums are starting to get used to the new noise levels around the house ;-)

Anyway, assembly all gone well - but we have these two screws and springs left over and no earthly idea where they should be!

Any hints? They are about 2cm long for scale.

Hopefully you can see this link, let me know if not