Ingenious use of hardware.


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A band that practices in my rehearsal space recently got a new drummer. He's a lefty, and usually there are other drummers in before me so I never really get to see his set up, (we all share my old Tama kit).

Last night I went to jam with my band and I assume no one had been in the space since this new guy jammed so my kit was set up left-handed. Obviously, this isn't thread worthy news - but what absolutely blew me away was how he dealt with the wonky tom mount...


Usually, when the tom is on the left post - a little memory lock prevents the drum from "rolling" along the post, but the ball joint no longer holds position and the drum ends up resting on the kick. I've been able to make sure it only hits the lug as to prevent it from digging into the finish. The memory lock on the right post has been gone for ages (no one really uses that post anyways), so when he put the tom on there, he used the other post to support the drum from both off the kick and preventing it from "rolling" on the post. I thought it was pretty nifty and used the same technique to set up myself. A couple little felt stickies to prevent the post from digging into the tom wrap and Bob's my uncle.