Inexperienced drummer with double pedal


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So here is the case, i am fairly new to drumming i cant really do anything but simple groves and easy transition, i have however been working alot on getting the right sound, volume and such. U could say i know the basics about drumming.

now i am struggeling cause a friend just gave me a double pedal, i have been experimenting a little i can do basic groves with it, i rly love makeing (dunno what its called) like a tripple hit, with 2 bass and 1 snare. Ofc i can not fit it into any songs yet there are rly few songs i am able to play at all, none with the double.

my set is basic, a bass drum, high-hat, 3 cymbals, a snare and 2-3 tams (have 3 but only 2 is on it now).

i need to know what to do, can i manage to learn this at the stage i am, is it to early? It's always been my dream to master the double bass drum. I will work every day and i will work hard. Is it possible for me to learn it? or is it wasted time? And if you know any songs which is easy to practise the double bass, please tell me.

I will be happy for any tips or feedback i can get, thank you.


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Its ok to start learning with it now but dont spend so much time on it that you neglect the hats. I recommend about a 75 25 split as the hat work should be more of a priority at this time and as you progress then maybe up it to 50 50.


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If you are right handed, try making you left foot the primary. This will help make it more comfortable. As said though, don't focus too much on it. I have a dbl bass pedal, and don't use it all that much. That is what I did to help me. Being new to drums though, I (personally) would hold off on messing with it just yet.


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I am 2 yrs in and I had one for a while and stopped because I couldnt do 16th note triplets between hand and kick with one foot and that seemed like something most decent drummers could do with one foot and I felt like I was learning the wrong way (cheating around a little).

Now I can and want to learn to get back to the double but I dont think I would be where I am with the single if I hadnt.... Mostly interested in this because not every kit has a double pedal and I want to be able to sit at anyones kit and sound good.


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I always tell beginners to wait at least a year before getting a double pedal, work on your single bass pedal technique and HH technique. It will make transitioning to a double pedal easier.


When I started I had a single for the first 5 years, then when I got a new kit I got a DW7002 double pedal with it. Spending so long on just a single really helped me get down the solid skills that made it easy to transition to double. 6 years later (now), I went back to a single (Tama speedcobra) and realized that you can do most anything on a single that you can with a double, excluding blast beats and things of that sort, but I'm not into that anyway.

So really, I would advise to spend a year or two on a single or until your drumming is solid, then work in the double, and it'll be easier to transition. You don't wanna bog yourself down too soon.


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Never too early.

Treat it like what it is...a different way to play your bass....not a replacement or a distraction from developing your single bass playing...

...or your snare work...or your reading ability...or your basic humanity...etc...

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Get a good teacher who is accomplished at double kick.

If you are going to go it on your own, buy a copy of Stick Control and use it with your feet.