Inexpensive? Yes...but I LOVE THEM

Rattlin' Bones

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Isn't Catalina mid-level or entry level? But thousands of drummers gig regularly with them. I'm guessing it ranks in top 3 of most gigged kits. I see them all the time as backline kits, too.


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I have been playing a 2003 Tama SCP Birch Japan kit since I bought it new in 2003. Not necessarily a high end kit per se and solidly in the "middle" I would say. The sound punches above its weight class and the finish is above average as well.

From a gear perspective there really isn't a kit I can't own (not a brag in the least just reinforcing how this aligns with the OP's question). I have stated before, at least for me, my "sound" is comprised of my kick, snare, hats and ride and out of those the only SCP drum is the kick and I love the kick and every sound guy has liked it as well. So......why bother with the SQ2, RCs, Star etc. at this point.

All that being said, if I get another kit it will be a N&C as they are local to me and frankly fantastic.


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I had a PDP CX kit in high school, one of the early all maple kits made in the Mexico factory. A mid-level kit by all accounts, that sounded like a damn DW Collector's. Crazy good drums.