Inexpensive Music Stand That Mounts To High Hat Stand. DIY


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I took the top section of a folding music stand that someone gave me.
I took an old Pearl stand mounted cowbell holder and I removed the mounting post from it.
I bought a 3' length of 1/4" threaded rod and two self locking nuts in a hardware store.
I bolted the threaded rod through the post holes in the former cowbell holder clamp and I custom bent the rod with my hands until I was happy with it.
I cut off the excess section of threaded rod.
I used an automotive worm drive hose clamp to secure the music stand to the rod.
The rod can easily be bent and fine adjusted as needed.

~Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection while bending the threaded rod.~



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I like the idea.

I wouldn't personally use it because my hi hat wobbles in my practice space and I like to have the stand low and to my left in concert.


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It does sway slightly if I really get to stomping and I can't put a heavy music book on it. I may go to a heavier threaded rod
This is a prototype.
I am still experimenting.


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extremely clever. Nice job.
I see these light folding music stands at garage sales all the time, and thus I will adopt this, at least for practice.
Am a singing drummer, and do need to look at the lyrics, and hate extra stands for anything.