Inexpensive Bass Drum Art Option


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Well, nothing really ingenious here, but I thought I would share.

For those of you that have access to imaging software and you want to do a line art style bass drum designs, this one cost $11 not including the cost of the head.

Before I plunk down more money to get a full color properly printed bass drum head, the band and I thought we would first see how much we like the new logo so..

.. I spray painted the inside of a Remo Ambassador ($3) and had my local sign shop print out the black vinyl on transfer paper ($8).

The paint on the inside makes the head look very ceramic or porcelain like and it can't get scratched once mounted. Also, the vinyl adheres really well to the clear front side and went on really easily.



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Nice one- looks like a pro job. My bass drum head cost me a bit over $100 to do (really happy with results bough). Didn't even consider this option!


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Yep, sign shops are the way to go for 1-color, opaque art. I've used Fast Signs (national US chain I believe) for a few drum heads, and was very pleased with their turnaround (next day) and price, which is I think a $20 minimum, so I got 2 logos for $22. Actually, having two has been handy, it's easy to mess up the application if not careful, and having a spare is a good thing.

FYI, it would also be simple to cook up a bunch of drum brand logos, etc, and have them done on vinyl. It's all the same to the sign shop, unless there's a question of copyrights. They're supposed to ask, but I think the $20 is more important to them. :)



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How About a lp cover???Id love to do the Jimi Hendrix Are you Exp album cover i took that idea to a sign guy says $50.00 and it would be 6mil thick.....


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You might want to check out any samples he can show you. Unless a high res scan is made of the artwork, it could end up looking grainy.

BTW, I'm surprised he would reproduce copyrighted material, but..