Indonesian-Yamaha Stage Customs


my school has a set of older Yamaha stage customs in a clear gloss green finish. hexagonal mounts. square badges that only say Yamaha stage custom and made in Indonesia. maybe serial numbers. I was wondering what their made of, and what there worth. the finish is pretty worn, but I would refinish them. the set came with a Yamaha power V snare that i might try to get info on that as well. I may try to get pictures next time I'm there there's two drilled toms and one floor tom. I think the kicks a 22. toms are 12 14 16.


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EDIT - Yamaha changed the site again.

I had a link here to the discontinued Stage Custom models, but it now only goes to the Stage Custom Birch.
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i think there the stage custom advantage, but I'm not entirely sure. what would the shells be worth? also any info on the power V snare.


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I had a set of Indonesian Stage Customs. They also said Advantage on them, so they were Stage Custom Advantages. Below that it said "Made in Indonesia" and a serial number.

Birch outer ply, inner play is falkata, middle plies are Phillipine Mahogany. I had separate lugs for each rod.

As far as what they're worth, I paid 599 brand new for 22/10/12/14 w/ a 14 x 5 snare. Sold them for 300, not because I didn't like them, but because I had too many kits. Nice drums. Great value.


I bought a set of stage customs older than the ones shown in the link above, non YESS mount, full length lugs, for $500. This included the kit with the Power V snare, hardware, a set of Sabian AA regular hats, and a Zildjian A 18" med. crash. I feel I got a pretty good deal. I plugged my serial numbers into a Yamaha site when I bought them and came up with the early '90s IIRC.


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I Had a Advantage kit with Yess mounts for a few years sold it for what a bought it 4....Miss that kit.regret selling it best bang 4 buck kit ever.........Had a 20" bass drum that was a freken killer......8,10,12,14 they sounded sweet....


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That would be the very first edition of Stage Custom.

I remember unpacking the 1st one at the store I was working at at the time. I couldn't believe the quality for the price. They demolished the competition in the price range, and sent Pearl and Tama scrambling to redo the Export and Rockstar lines to catch up, and essentially killed off the Premier APK and XPK lines from popularity.

That said, not worth a whole heck of a lot. But they are still cool kits for students and bar gigs.


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That would be the very first edition of Stage Custom...

Would you happen to know the time line of the kits listed on that link? Does it follow the same order they're presented:

1st, Stage Custom,
then SC Standard
then SC Advantage Nouveau
then SC Nouveau
SC Advantage last, right before the Birch?

Or did some of them run side by side?


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i bought this stage custom it was made in japan. and on the yamaha website it says my kit is made in 1986(it depends on the serial number)
dont know why the photo doesnt come up
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