Indentify old Premier snare


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Hello all,

I'm actually a guitarist but a long while ago I once bought an old Trak kit (80's) for the rehearsal room, which also had an extra snare included.
It's an old gold sparkle Premier that measures 14" x 6.5", but I can't seem to identify it. Unfortunately it's missing a lug retainer and half of the others are broken.

I would like to restore it in some way, but would anybody be able to identify what snare model this is? I'm also not quite sure where to find replacement snare wires.
Please find attached some pictures, any help is welcome!



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I'm not sure about the model or year. But I recommend the Premier Owners Facebook group. Tons of very knowledgable Premier owners that will ID this exactly for you. Hope this helps!!!!


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It could be a Royal Ace but I'll quickly defer to anyone who has proper vintage Premier credentials.
A bit collectable if it is albeit not super rare.


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late 50's Premier SuperAce, similar to Royal Ace but has that odd side lever.

Absolutely a Super Ace. 1950s more than likely. New wires for it? Good luck. They pop up on ebay from time to time and cost an arm and leg.


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puresound make snares for it, you can get replacements easily enough. also, it's sometimes easier to replace the tension bolts with regular square-head type, just keep the originals together in a bag and store them away safely.
the other thing to look out for is if the snare throw lever is loose or that the snares don't quite meet the reso head. you can still get leaf springs that will sort the issue out - i got a set from blenheim drums for my 2000 which has the same flo-beam system.
cool snare - give it some love, you won't regret it.