In the pantheon of Drum Solos


Hey guys, I pulled out my old Van Halen Live: Right Here Right Now Cd (WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!) and was listening to Alex's Drum solo during Pleasure Dome and began wonder what the folks on DW would think about his work.. Before I ever even had a notion that I might enjoy drumming let alone LOVE IT, I was always blown away by this particular solo....for it's speed, ferocity, musicality, and the stamina employed....Technicality, I had no clue about...some of the stuff he pulled off at the time to me seemed impossible, because I didn't know anything about drumming. Now, I'm still very much a beginner but I'm and experienced beginner and have seen and hear many great drummers and solos and yet this one still stands out to me as one of the very best I witnessed and it inspires me to become a better drummer (not just a drum soloist).

I know some of you really don't care for Drum Solos to begin with so please refrain from trashing it just because you don't like solos...I have a great deal of respect for the knowledge, experience and talent of the drummers here, and I am really hoping for a constructive discussion about it and whether or not you believe it's some really good stuff and delve into the technicality, difficulty, and originality of the solo. If you don't think it's any good just explain why.. I really appreciate it guys...Thanks in advance



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I like your preemptive warning "don't trash this thread..." haha. Smart.

Van Halen has always been, in my opinion, a band who members are talented individually, but as a group, eh... Never much interested in them at all, save for a few early tunes. Until a few years back I figured I better see Eddie before I die or he does...

I was really impressed by him of course, mesmerizing... But Alex's solo was equally impressive. An underrated drummer who seems to fly under the radar and gets overshadowed by Eddie and David Lee Roth's egos.


thanks for your input Larry....I'm one of those people who feel Van Halen better with Sammy...but hey that's what makes the world go around...

now back to the solo conversation...what's everyone think?