In search of: 2006-2008 session studio SBX floor tom 16x16


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I have been wanting to acquire one of these for a long time with no luck despite a lot of lurking around. I do see them on various forums time to time and found threads like these:

However still in search of completing my sbx tobacco burst with a 16x16 (1616F model #) for a reasonable price.

I own the SBX-924HP shell pack (10 12 14 22) that only includes the 14x11 hanging tom as the lowest tom and what a mistake that was ordering it ten years ago... sigh. I was young and thought hanging toms were way cooler than floor toms with legs... also thought it would help me transport drums easier... still banging my head against the wall hoping a floor tom of this series lands on my lap.

Any direction would be appreciated as I am still willing to pay handsomely for one... the snare for this model may be of great interest.
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