In-ears with no sound man.


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This could just be a coincidence, but I saw two different bands lately where everyone was using in-ears. Neither band had a dedicated sound man. One of the bands started with no vocals in the house mix. The other band barely had any vocals. I know what happened. Each person had their own mix that sounded fine to them and no one went out front, took their in-ears out and listened. I know the advantages of in ears. I use them with a click in two different bands. But I hear problems with bands that use them. One is stage volume. Because they’re basically wearing ear plugs, they can’t tell how loud they are. Everyone plays way too loud for the room. Another is that they listen to the click track and not to each other. They don’t seem to really lock in with each other. I suppose this is just a new thing that separates the armatures from the pros.

Bo Eder

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We do that in my Devo tribute band. But we do a soundcheck before the show. In our case I’m not sure we “aren’t” listening to each other since we’re all in the in-ear monitors, but we are click dependent even though we have tracks going at the same time. But to be running with a click without tracks - I’m not sure what the point would be if everyone can basically keep time?


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We won't play with all members on IEMs unless there's someone controlling FOH. Too many variables - everything from room changes through to big keyboard wash patches that can really skew a mix from sound check to show. On the rare occasions we play without a sound man, it's in a very small venue, & we're all listening to the room (no wedges).


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In-ears or not, someone HAS to handle the mix out front when instruments are run through a p.a.. There's no way around it, otherwise it's going to be a poor mix in the audience. Not like bands would consider the people who come to hear them...


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Yup, you gotta cut yourself up in your head...especially if you are playing drums. One of the last gigs I did, I was wearing IEM's, but the other members weren't. I had myself cut down too much and I was killing everyone. I cut myself up, and it definitely received some pressure on stage. You have to have someone out in the house. My wife does a great job with this. She will tell the band who needs to come up and come down, and she doesn't care about hurting feelings. She doesn't have "girlfriend soundman syndrome" where she wants her beau cut up above everyone else.

I think it's just easier right now if the guys up front use wedges. I prefer IEMs when I can get a good mix in my head.


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Try running sound while playing drums on a DTX Multi 12 on a pedal wagon in a parade! You can see the little Yamaha mixer to my right. We ran an inverter-generator to power everything under the rear bench seat. In the bottom photo you can see the powered speakers mounted on the front of the wagon.