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The top40/CHR project I am in has some fly-in casino dates coming up. Backline provided, but will still need to take a few things. The major piece that needed tweaking was my in-ear setup. I wanted it small enough for carry on, but also plug and play.

The components in the case are:
Mackie Mix-8
ART Pro Passive DI
Yamaha EAD10
Samsung Tab A

The mixer, DI, and EAD travel wired together. Low profile, right angle cables for the win!


On the kit, connected to the EAD:
Yamaha DT50s - dual zone snare trigger.
Yamaha DT50k - kick trigger.
Roland BT-1 x2 - more portable than full pads.
Yamaha FC5 foot switch - triggers on/off.


All of this, plus the cables/adpaters, fits nicely inside this case: Gator EVA Utility Case (18"x13"x3").

The only hardware needs are two small L-rod multiclamps for the Roland BT-1s. They will travel in my small rolling suitcase with clothes, stick quiver, etc.

I use the EAD to trigger samples. Mostly custom wav files imported into the unit. I also use it as my click for the few songs that don't have a sequence. Sequences run off the tablet.

I know someone will ask... explanation of cables/channels.
Channel 1 = click via headphone jack from the EAD.
Channel 2 = empty. If I want a feed from FOH, it will go there.
Channel 3 = left side of sequences. Click + my vocal cues.
Channel 4 = right side of sequences + samples from EAD (via L out).

Channel 4 is the only line going to the AUX send. All FOH has to do is plug a cable into the DI.

Really happy with how it turned out. So much so that I will probably use this for in-town gigs as well.

In-ear setups are a recurring topic. If this helps someone with theirs, awesome.

*Apologies for the crappy cell phone pics.


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I think you can do all that with an SPD-SX, no need for a tablet or mixer.

I don't own an SPD-SX. Except for the case, I already had all the components.

I do own a Yamaha Multi-12, but don't like having to make a hard left to play the pads. I prefer to have triggers/pads in front, inside my kit.

Chris Whitten

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Sure. I just thought an all in one solution might be easier to carry around and set up.
The SPD-SX has trigger ins, but yes, it can be annoying reaching over to one side to play the onboard pads.
And it's quite an expensive product too.


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With everything in the one case, it's easy enough to move. Just a touch wider than my Yamaha Multi-12.

Another benefit - at least to my mind. Having the separate components managing different things means more flexibility when issues arise. If my EAD dies, I only lose the samples. If my tablet dies, my cell phone is the back up. If the mixer dies, we can run the lines direct to FOH.

With an all-in-one/multi-pad, everything drops if the unit goes down. I don't have the touring budget for back-up multipads, laptops, etc. :D