In Ear Monitors


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Hey everyone,
thanks in advance!!
I got a pair of MEElectronics M6-CL earplugs so i can play along to music on my ipod and laptop. I will be playing the drums at a celebration that my family is hosting in a small theater and i know that i will not be able to hear the background music over the drums through the speakers alone. I am not sure how to connect the earplugs to some sort of system that will allow me to hear the music through the earplugs and the speaker so everyone in the audience will be able to hear it as well. This is my first time performing anywhere besides my house because I am only 12. I was thinking about getting something like the Shure PSM200 Wireless In Ear System or anything like that but they are very expensive for a 3 minute drum solo. Any cheaper alternatives??? We also will be having a professional DJ so if u know of anything that i can plug into a system that professional DJs have, let me know!
sorry for not being to intelligent in this "technologic" field of music!! hahaha