In-ear-monitor advice? I'm buying new earbuds


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Hi, I'm new to the forum, but I was wondering if anyone uses these MEElectronics in ear monitors.

I'm looking for something new to play along to a track to when i practice, and my $80 pair of Sony over-the-head headphones aren't cutting it. They seem to muffle what I'm playing and i don't get the best sound from my drums.
Plus, I'm hoping they can help reduce hearing loss, because with my Sonys, I have to crank the volume to be able to hear to track and my playing.

Any opinions?

Here's the link:


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I was just given a pair of Shure SE215 in ear monitors- my original plan was to sell them but after trying them I have to say I'm extremely impressed

If you are playing acoustically along to mp3's then I'd probably go as far as to say they block out slightly TOO much noise but that is obviously a subjective matter. I like to still be able to hear the kit reasonably well over the music.

However in a live environment (with the rest of the band (especially the guitarist) being extremely loud) I use them as in ear monitors (kick, snare and overheads through my personal mixer) and they are absolutely fantastic!
Can't fault them at all!


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(kick, snare and overheads through my personal mixer) fantastic!

I'm looking at trying monitor for on stage gigs for my drum kit, not electric kit...However, I was of opinion that having monitor (not passive) where I could mike my kit up would be good..Then option to use as straight monitor through band PA or as monitor while being miked up...Make sense ? Last gig I did I had very difficult time hearing other 2 dudes (guitr, bass & vocals) and can't have their amps behind me..Suggestions please ? Thank you...