In-depth conversation with Alex Acuña (Myth vs. Craft)


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In-depth conversation with Alex Acuña (Weather Report)

Hello everyone!

My conversation with the legendary Alex Acuña just went live:

He shares great stories about:
  • Being a studio musician as a teenager in Lima
  • Joining Perez Prado's band at age 18
  • Studying classical percussion at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music
  • Moving to Las Vegas and playing with Elvis, The Temptations, Diana Ross & more
  • Joining Weather Report
  • How he switched from playing percussion to playing drums in Weather Report
  • His friendship with Jaco Pastorius
  • His 30+ years of session work
  • The differences between regular session work and recording for film scores
  • His passion for martial arts and how they've helped him as a musician
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