In all honesty, how do you find the transition from an electronic kit to an acoustic?

Mr Farkle

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I guess it goes to show that spending large amounts of money on an electronic kit may not be worthwhile after all depending on the person of course. :)
I agree unless you’re playing a high-end E kit all the time. I built an A to E kit from a $50 Fender 😁 kit I found on Craigslist. The setup was useable and cheap (if I don’t account for the untold hours it took to build) but I never liked the feel. The rebound was okay but a tactile/sound combination was missing. The E feel was just unsatisfying for me. Anyway I used it for practice for a year or so and found a few things transferred to A and a few didn’t. The most transferable, for me, was the kick. I was able to hone in some long overdue kick work without driving my wife and kids crazy. It was also useful for working on grooves and licks around the kit. It was horrible for cymbal and snare work (especially rim shots, obviously).

As mentioned I didn’t love the feel so I would try to jump over to my A kit right after the E workout, if only for a few minutes. Even that required some time to adjust. Eventually I realized that my “quiet time” was better spent working on brush technique or on a pad cleaning up my rudiments. I don’t have any extra space in the house so I recently de-electrified the Fender and donated it.

I have some L80’s and will keep those. If I ever want to go silent again I will use those with the Black Hole system or one of those multi practice pad sets ups. I saw Steve Smith warming up on one of those along with the L80’s. Should be good enough for me!