Improving a Tama Stagestar kit


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I'm a muso but no drummer. But my son has a Tama Stagestar and I use it for my own rehearsals. I'm guessing the heads are the originals (we've had the kit about 8 years) and new ones could greatly improve the sound and I'm sure my drummer would appreciate the upgrade. What should I replace these with?

We are mostly playing jazz, blues and funk tunes - if that helps

It's a very general question I know but I am a newbie to drums!
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I think a good start is Remo Coated Ambassador for a snare drum batter.

Toms get Remo Pinstripe heads in the batter side.



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I had a Stagestar not long ago. It was a nice little kit.

Grab a Tune-Bot while you're out shopping for new heads and tune those drums well. They (and everyone else) will thank you for it.
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Thanks fellas. Yes did ask the drummer, he mensioned Evans uv1 or gv1 or Remo Ambassador.
Single-ply heads can lead to an uncontrolled sound on less expensive drums, especially if they're not tuned well. Not an issue if your drummer knows what he's doing, however.