Impossible Germany to Some Nights?


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So my 11 year old son is currently working on playing along with Impossible Germany by Wilco.
and seems to have no problems with it.
I think it's a pretty cool song for a beginner.

Some Nights by Fun on the other hand doesn't sound like a song for beginners to me. It is, however, one of my son's favorites and he asked me if I thought he could play it yet.

He's better on snare than on a ful set, since he's played on a pad for almost15 months and only 4 months on a set, but his single paradiddle is only tight to around 145. He can play it at 165, but his teacher says he's off at that speed. So I'm wondering, how fast is this girl's version of the fun song?
and is it still far to fast for him?


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no views at all. Guess I need a better title!

I think I'm the only one who viewed my thread. Pretty sad. I'll have to learn to make better titles!