Importance of drum bags/cases


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My band is getting ready to start gigging and I have realized I am lacking any protection for my drums. I have a Yamaha Maple Custom and I feel it would be a good idea to protect them, but we plan on gigging very occasionally (like maybe a few times a month) locally or in the surrounding area. Would it be worth it to drop $140 on bags, or just wing it with nothing?

Also, one of my guitarist has a Ludwig Accent that I use at rehearsal, so it sounds ok after I worked on it for a little. Would it be better just to bring that, as we aren't worried about beating it up?

Thanks for the input.


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For which kit to use, it depends on the type of places you'll be playing.
If they're rough and tumble, I'd use the Accents.

It's worth having at least bags, if not hard cases, for your Maple Customs.


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I'd wing it with the Ludwig Accent kit, but definitely want bags for the Maple Customs - too many opportunities for the MCA's to get scratched up, even if only gigging a few times a month. If they already have wear and tear on them that's one thing, but if they're fairly pristine I'd try to keep them that way. I've heard all the "but they're drums, they're supposed to be played..." stuff, but if you ever need to sell them you'd take a hit financially if they're well worn.


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Bags or cases are essential for the Maple Customs. Bags if you are transporting them yourself or hard cases if they are to be transported in a van etc with the other equipment :)


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Buy bags for your drums.
They protect the drums as well as your car and the wood moldings around the doors in your home.
If the Accent snare sounds good then use it if you want.

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Something is better than nothing. Having said that, bags are not great. Bags are the equivalent of carrying a .22 for self defense. I always preach hard cases if your drums mean anything to you. Your drums are very nice/very valuable, you need hard cases. I've toured and gigged a lot with my '97 Collectors and I intend to for many more years. Hard cases are the way to go.


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Man, I wouldn't do anything I love without protection. You could be very sorry.


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Don't underestimate the sound of a well-tuned Accent kit!

Whichever kit you drag around, get bags for it No drum deserves scratches or dings during transport, and you can carry more drums with bags/handles than if loose. And they can be stacked without damaging or stressing the heads. Plus, it just looks better when you show up at a gig with your stuff in bags - other people notice these things!

Cases are an option, but they won't fold down and stash as easily when the drums are out. And, they're typically more expensive. On the Accent kit, they'd be worth more than the drums!



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Thank you for the replies everyone!

I guess the verdict is to buy them. For now though, since money is tight, I'll just use the Accent. In the future though, I will probably buy some hard cases as I plan on using my MC's for years to come.
As for the snare, I'll probably just use my Pork Pie Hip Pig regardless of the kit.


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There are other threads about hard vs. soft cases. But either way don't carry nice drums around without them, they will get scratches and dings.

I used to have hard cases, then changed to soft bags 20 years ago. If you're putting the drums in your car, definitely go with soft - they take up less space so you can fit more into the car, and you can easily carry 2-3 in each hand (except bass, which can sling over your shoulder). Gigging is much easier with bags than hard cases.
I do have one hard case though - for the snare, to protect the thin bottom head and the snare mechanism.


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The rule of thumb for me is if someone else is going to be handling your drums, get hard cases. If you are the only one handling your drums, other than helping you schlep them in and out of the venue, then get bags. Since I'm not very high on the food chain I use bags. I have had good luck with the Humes and Berg Tuxedo bags. I have used them for over 15 years with no issues.

One thing to keep in mind is that most bars and clubs have small stages and almost no room for storing cases. I can nest the bags inside each other and stuff them into the front seat of my truck until after the gig.