Immigrant Song

Which of our song / cover has a better mix and sound?

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  • WAV Immigrant Song:

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All, please check out our cover of Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song. This is our tribute to one of the greatest bands and song of all time.

W.A.V is a four piece metal band from India. We try to get together every now and then to cover music and create new original music. This song has been recorded and mixed at home.

Looking forward your feedback.



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Thanks all for such amazing feedback.

@harryconway This was our first original during last year's lockdown in India. There are others in the pipeline but all of us got busy with work and lives - hopefully, you'll see few more originals soon. Thanks for sharing this out.


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I'm so tired of Led Zeppelin.

I'm so tired of Zeppelin covers.

But dude, this was fantastic!!!! Keep up the good work! I loved everything - your playing, the singers voice, the guitar work, the mix, the pace, everything. Please post more stuff!


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How in the world do you get cheap B8's to record that well? Holy cow. Great job!
Thanks buddy!

B8 is not that bad I believe. I feel there are several factors to why we are getting it to sound relatively better:

1. These are 20 year old cymbals (and drums) and probably Sabian did make them well then. Moreover I could only afford these then! 😜
2. My drum room does not reflect sound much and acoustically well treated for mid and high frequencies even though very cheap material has been used
3. In W.A.V. Secrets had used Slate Digital plugins and in Immigrant Song using Reaper stock plugins and Melda free plugins - I think the Eq-ing and de-essing is helping here
4. While mixing and mastering, we usually check our sound on variety of speakers and tweak the sound - a painful activity but I think it is also helping

Last but not the least - we are still learning to get our home recording right. 😁

Do let me know which of the drum sound is better - Secrets or Immigrant Song
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