I'm out of gift ideas for myself

Jasta 11

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Every year my family asks for gift suggestions that are drum related for combined my December Birthday and Christmas gift. Any suggestions for things I don't already have? I'm very fortunate that they got me a new pedal last year, new lightweight hardware the previous year and a new throne the year before. I just bought all new heads and i don't need any cymbals. I have a drum mat already and my stick bag is fine ( a gift from my wife's side of the family) Is a drum dial worth asking for? I tune by ear and no one complains. I hate to ask for something I won't use. I also don't want to ask for a dozen pairs of sticks or some other consumable. What types of gift idea do other drummers ask for??

No Way Jose

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You might want brushes.


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Cowbell and tambourine. My wife got me the LP combo pack last year and I use the crap out of it. Plus, all drummers know that a cowbell is sonic panty remover! Your wife will love it.???


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My standard smart ass answer to "what do you buy someone who has everything ?" is....something to put it all in.
So maybe cases/bags/briefcase/backpack etc ?


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My wife and I have this discussion every year about this time. I have no idea what to suggest to her this year.

Music related, but not drum related, she did pre-buy a copy of Geddy Lee's "Big, Beautiful, Bass Book" and a ticket to have it signed by him at a book signing next weekend. (I'm a bassist, as well as a drummer.)

Jeremy Bender

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Quality hearing protection? Or do you already have something you use?
Gift certificate to a drum shop in your area?
A nice book on drum history/ collectible drums (if you're into it) ?


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What else are you into? Don't limit yourself to just drum stuff. My wife has a default for me if there is no drum stuff I want/need/is available. Dachshund anything. If it has Weiner dogs on it, it's good to go. Surely you have something like this?

How about a hi hat side floor tom?


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Buy yourself a decent stereo with a record player (no Walmart Crosley mess either), and you'll never run out of things for people to buy you. Want to get me something? Get me a record. Here's my list. :)


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I think a Tune-Bot would be a great gift. Highly recommended (y) (y)

The Gibraltar Quick Release Clutch is handy, too.


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"Maybe a drummers helmet in case you fall off your throne?"

That's hilarious. Someone, somewhere, at some time certainly did need one.