I'm looking to buy a new drum set


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Hey all. I am looking to buy a new drumset and one that has been looking good is the "Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple Fusion Limited Edition Shell Pack" it has a great finish and the price is also great at 500$ I have also been looking at a pearl export and a pdp fs series what does everyone think of these drum sets, I gig a little bit and play for my church every sunday and if I buy this drum set I would use it for both of those activities. so what do you think any help would be great.

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wrong forum... way wrong
try here.

also, please use the search bar before posting...
there have been literally hundreds on these ambiguous "what set should i get?" threads.

thanks man,
and welcome to dw

EDIT: i play pacific (pdp) fs birch drums. bought em for $479...
i gig often (3-6x /month) and they are great. they really could play up with almost any drums.