I'm giving away a black beauty snare drum, here.


"Uncle Larry"
You can all thank Midnight Zephyr for spouting a great sentence of truth.

Here it is:

Larry, don't give a Black Beauty to a kid. Kids don't appreciate nice things like that. They'll just sell it for alcohol money. Now we wouldn't want that, would we? PM me for my forwarding address. Thanks, bud.

So I'm giving it away here. I still have drums to give deserving kids. But this one is being given away here. I don't care if you're Paradiddle Pete and you have umpteen snare drums.
So here's your chance to make your case to sway me to give you an honest to goodness Ludwig LB417 brass on brass tube lugged black nickel plated brass shelled, P-86 equipped world famous genuine Black Beauty snare drum with the one of a kind genuine solid brass buttstrap in your choice of depth of either 5" or 6.5". They are both 14" - 10 lug drums I got brand new in 2003 and 2011 respectively. I'll even include the original never used Ludwig coated head that I got it with. Your choice of 20 strand original Ludwig chrome snare wires or the Puresound Customs I have on them now. Both drums are pretty much mint.

I never play these drums, save for like once a year out of respect, but I probably never will use them seriously, so I want to give one to someone who really wants it.

Whichever submission moves me most will win. Don't snow me either. I want real. Honest. I'm not making any snap decisions. This could take a while. I'm not sure what I'm looking for but I'll know when I see it.



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That is one of the most sincere gestures I have ever seen Larry, my utmost respect to you. I certainly dont need it, but it would be an honor to own. I will pass my bid to another aspiring young artist.

Midnite Zephyr

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Hey Larry, I was only joking around. I love kids. That's just what I would do when I was a kid, although instead of alcohol, it would be the green stuff. Ha ha.

I'm afraid to own nice stuff like that. Then I would have to worry about it all the time like I do with the Autoharp that my dad made. I think it's a very kind and generous offer to whomever it goes to. I liked Smokes pitch better than mine though. :)


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What a generous thing to do Larry. Unreal level of generosity right here.

I don't need one myself but just wanted to say 'well done that man'


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Seriously Larry, that's a great path to take. I get huge pleasure from paying forward - in fact, I probably get more pleasure from it than the recipient, so underneath it all, I feel a little selfish. Isn't that weird?

Am I allowed to make an anti-pitch? Under no circumstances consider that buttstrap Eder character. He's a persuasive little bugger, & disarms you with that downtrodden innocent look whilst delivering seductively smooth grooves.

Curved ball time - gift it to Sticks. It'll feel great to cure an addict ;)

Thunder 42

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Good on you, Larry. I do not need, but, have been in the market, seriously I am. Would consider a trade with you or gifting of one from my collection to someone here. Paying / gifting forward is rewarding, that's for sure! Well done, sir!
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Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I only have 5" drums hence a 6,5 would be nice, so the big guys stop making fun of me.

Seriously though, nice thing to do.

I've given away some music equipment, but drums I started playing so late that my choices are boringly mature and thought to death before I commit. Hence, on the drumming side it's mostly down to some sticks, rods or brushes for the odd student. Same thought process, though. Better it get used by someone than just getting moved around and taking up space.

Offcourse, noone on drummerworld's all that into drums, but it's worth a try.

Vintage Old School

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I'm all about the orphans, brother. Bring on the adoption papers and I'll bring the pen.

Seriously, incredibly generous gesture. Can't wait to hear where this lands.
Know you will pick the most deserving recipient.


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If you really want to give it to a deserving kid. Call your local schools and donate it to a band program. It will be used daily by multiple kids.


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It is a wonderful gesture to give something away. I'd rather see you sell it, and then give the proceeds to a children's hospital or to the SPCA. That is where all my donations have gone. I sincerely doubt anyone on here needs a Black Beauty as much as a sick kid needs a smile or a homeless animal needs a meal. Just my 2 cents.


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As a lifelong Ludwig player, I own aluminum, chromed brass and bronze Supraphonics but not a Black Beauty.
So I would gladly accept your generous offer and cherish it along with it's brothers.
And I would play it. As God and WFL intended.

Jeff Almeyda

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Larry, this is a wonderful gesture.

I hope it goes to someone who both deserves it and will appreciate it forever.

Me, I'm a sucker for feel-good, "who's cutting onions in here?" stories. If it went to a sick kid or to someone who saved a baby or something I would just melt.


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What an awesome gesture Larry! A Black Beauty is a pretty serious instrument and probably for many one of those "gold watch" kinds of drums; something you hope to earn one day because you know you've finally done something deserving to get it.


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WOW! 'Tis the season. I hope you find a great candidate. I would hate to see that on ebay or Craigslist a few days later. Like everyone else has said this is such a kind and generous gift to put out into the world. Inspiring! Thank you!
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"Uncle Larry"
OMG does anyone want it lol?

I'm in no rush. You people are very kind indeed, passing on this in favor of someone else. I hope a someone else surfaces eventually.

My hat goes off to all of you.