I'm getting a Ludwig (Bonham) Maple Kit . . .


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Cheers. I gigged it for the first time on Sat, and I can't face gigging without it now,
i hear you on that, i would hate to leave those home! youll get the tuning at some point. Good luck!


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I thought maximum resonance came from equal tuning each end so that the reso has maximum sympathy with the batter.
I'm using different heads for the batter and the reso and I've found that this method doesn't work too good for me.
I've found that most of the times when you tune the tom reso heads about a 3rd higher that's where it opens up nicely.

I am not by any means an expert in tuning, but I think having the same tension on both heads doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to resonate the same way since they perform different duties on the drum. The batter is being hit, while the reso head reacts to the air moving inside the drum.. I could be wrong tho.

Great looking kit!


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If the ft's aren't as resonant as the tom, tighten the resos even more.
There is a point where they will even resonate too much, but as you go up a bit at a time, you'll find the spot the drum will do what you want, for the way you are playing them.

Different head types will take different tensions too. When I used Ludwig Clear Mediums on the bottom, they were cranked. The ft's sounded great though. Nice full tone and good projection. Coated mediums didn't need that much tension.
Coated Ambassadors even less.

Have fun experimenting!


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I LOVE my maple Bonham kit!

FAV Slingerland C.O.B deep snare...1970's..WHAT a sound! :)

I've since replaced my 9 X 13 tom with a 10 X 15...and I use Remo heads. I LIKE the LUDWIG reso on the Bass drum..looks kinda' cool, and my Scot family crest adds a bit of color.

Avedis Zildgian cymbals...and that ride? It's a 24"...bigger than most contemporary bass drums nowadays.

Sometimes I just use 3 conventional double-braced cymbal stands and tom stand instead of the rack.
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