I'm crying my heart out, I want to die ;(

Bo Eder

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There used to be a time when I wanted to at least touch on new styles so I could at least be familiar with whatever is new. Not anymore. I’m ok with telling people, “go call so and so”. ;)


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If you watch his hands, they are off quite a bit. Snare hits late, sloppy on the fills, don't beat yourself up. Not picking on the kid, he is off to a great start. Set is obviously not set up for him either. Probably a proud parent showing off their kid. I really doubt the kid would refer to himself as monster also.

If he really is that good, I wanna here him play either Rapture or Dominate by Morbid Angel.


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Here's a more accurate video...it is still completely insane for an 8year old...
Totally agree, which is even more weird then how they felt the need to fake it. Our obsession with perfection has gone that far?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised when we have 6 year old girls with dental implants in makeup chairs for hours to do a pageant in skimpy clothing.

The kid is good! Why fake it?


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If he really is that good, I wanna here him play either Rapture or Dominate by Morbid Angel.
Nope I wanna hear the Purdie shuffle out of him.

I don't know, am feeling kind of sorry for him, the kit is setup for his dad and all, didn't even get a smaller stick size for him, lower the snare, or throne...and he appears very uncomfortable. It almost comes off like a mild form of child labor to me on some of these vids. Power to him for playing so well and so early.


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Wow. That was nothing short of incredible all around. Thanks for posting this!
It really doesn't make any sense how the kid can be 12 yet sound like he's 60 and been playing jazz all his life; the stuff it takes people decades to learn/understand is somehow just in his young grasp.


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Neural connections, and myelin sheath development come quicker to <10 year olds.

"Child prodigies" generally require these 3 Factors:

  • The child's passion and motivation to practice the instrument.
  • The mature adult recognizing and nurturing the child's passion.
  • The mental and physical flexibility and adaptability consequential to youth.
Don't worry, everyone wants to be Mozart, but not everyone was given the opportunity. Work hard, you've got drums to practice!


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Jeez, I'm a total noob. I didn't realise all the parts were out of sync.

However, as other posts show, there are definitely kids out there who can play.

It's amazing in my opinion!


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I can't get past the missing cymbal sleeve on that crash cymbal to the left of his rack tom. :)
I hate that so much.

I carry around packs of cymbal sleeves and always leave them on stands that don't have them. My good deeds do not go un-punished of course, because I've had literally at least 2-3 packs worth of them stolen right off the various practice/house kits I've left them on. It really kinda grinds my gears. I'm trying to help everyone who uses those kits not ruin their cymbals, and it's really disheartening when I come back a week later and they're all freaking gone again.