I'm Coming to Canada


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Vancouver to be precise. Any good drum or music shops I should visit? Any bargains to be had?


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Not sure bout shops.. but pick me up a couple of Drumeo shirts in medium while you are there please :)


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There are mostly only chain music instrument stores in Vancouver. Long and Mcquade, Tom Lee.
Like many places, specialty 'mom and pop' drum shops are dying breed.
Hi, I'm in Vancouver, just seconding opentune's opinion. Only the chain stores here, and no real bargains, in fact depending on where you're coming from you might be taken aback by some of the prices on new gear!

On the other hand, there are usually some good used bargains to be had on Craigslist, I've picked up some great cymbals that way.

You could also pay Ron Dunnett a visit (he's totally open to that if you contact him via the Dunnett website).


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Ok chaps. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out if time permits between my wife wanting to see whales, bears etc.


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Hi Mart
If you happen to make it east to Ottawa, there's Dave's drum shop. On the other side of the mountains and closer is Axe music in Calgary and Edmonton. I've dealt with them online, but never in store.
If you make it east to Ottawa, let me know, we can meet up at the drum shop and drool.
There used to be a couple good drum shops here, a looong time ago, but not for years. As someone else said, our craigslist has a lot of inventory, relative to the size of the city. Plus, the current exchange rate gives you an extra bang for your buck. I would start checking there right away. Ray Ayotte is personally making drums again. ( I'm friends with him) Not sure what the pricing is though. It's probably worth your while to drop into or call a couple Long and McQuade locations in case they have something interesting.


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Ok chaps. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out if time permits between my wife wanting to see whales, bears etc.
Tell her you'll take her to see Wales bare and then contact Madge re: travel arrangements.

I'm here all week, try the veal!


Feel free to stop by Drumeo for a quick tour and jam session. We're in Abbotsford which is around 45 minutes East of Vancouver.


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Thanks for the help guys. I did stumble across Tom Lee music which had some reasonable stuff. Their guitar section was better than the drums but I did pick up a 6" pad tho.

Thanks also Jared. I must confess that I did tweet you whilst there but, truth be told, at the point I tweeted it was pretty much at the end of the holiday and my good lady may have got a little annoyed had I disappeared for the day. Maybe next time, whenever that may be.