I'm being featured on "Around the Kit", Sunday night!


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Hi everyone,

I was excited to tell you that I will be featured on Drum Talk Radio, "Around the Kit", this Sunday night, 21 May, at 9:30 EST, 8:30 CST. Along with me will be
Lindsay Artkop, Gina G Osmar, Valerie Carricato. This all starts with Lindsay at 8:30pm EST, then me, Gina "G" at 9:30pm EST, 8:30pm CST, then Valerie at 10:15pm EST.

Here is the ad for tomorrow show! I hope you all can listen in. Any pointers?Wish me luck for not being nervous!

Here is how you listen to my interview tonight and call in!
About half way down the page: "Listen to this page."
the number to call is 646-787-8027

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Wow, that's sweet. No pointers required. I've watched your videos. Really good stuff. Just have fun. :)