Ignoring the first minute and a half, how good is this...?


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I LOVE the "snare" sound - anyone know what that is constructed from? And what are those enormous raw looking china's?

I Honestly did not expect this when I clicked the link, and I'm massively impressed.

It really does take a mind like his to not turn that into just sheer noise and make it into something both melodic and very insightful.


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Ah, I almost posted this a week ago! Wonderful playing. Most of the Sabians in that setup are prototypes of some kind, but I'll try to pick out a few things...

The snare looks like a 14 or 15" unlathed cymbal with a Hoop Crasher on top. I don't know what the bouncing thing in the middle of it is (and I suppose there might be another cymbal underneath). The Hoop Crasher only comes in 14" size so I assume the cymbal underneath is 15" (though it's possible, of course, that they had a 13" prototype).

The chinas are actually stacks- you can see the edge of the inverted crash stick out just a little past the flange of the china in the big overhead shot. They look to be just fully unlathed chinas with a fully unlathed 2-3" smaller crash stacked on them, though we of course can't see the insides if there's any surprises in there.

I can't find a video online, but Benny Greb did a similar thing at the Meinl factory with a few less cymbals on "The Language of Drumming". He used small stacks for both the snare and the kick- pretty cool stuff.

Gosh, those 'toms' in the Bozzio video are... unique.