If you've toured before, I need your input: Weekend-only tour + insurance req's


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I'm putting together a series of indoor gigs for my band that will require performance contracts with a production company and my band member. Part of the event insurance requirement is to disclose the health of each of the members in the band, which is subject to either verification through a physical or medical information release.

If you've put together events such as this or have had to get a physical or sign a release of medical info to do a tour/series of gigs, I'd be interested to hear about your experience with it all. I've already had 1 insurance company tell me every band member must have a physical within the past 12 months of the first gig date.


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So further clarification: The production company is telling us the medical info is for the event cancellation insurance in case a show is cancelled due to a health issue w/ a band member.

I've been doing some add'l research myself and found that while a physical isn't typically required there are some basic medical history questions on the quote/application paperwork.


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My son, whom I'm pretty close with, has been touring several times a year (6-7 week stints) for the last couple of years - he's never mentioned anything like this.


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Yup, I went on the road one time, and there was nothing like this.

Seems like you (or they) should be able to draw up some sort of disclaimer that the venue(s) will not be responsible for injury based on any sort of pre-existing medical/physical conditions.