If your drums could talk, what would they say?


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You are not even trying!
that is my snare - Can I met that hihat alone, you are always hiding them in a bag

Bonham`s snare woluld say between backbeat - what took you so long?


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You people are crazy- assigning anthropomorphic* properties to inanimate objects!

*I just wanted an excuse to say anthropomorphic


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"Bloody hell, 4/4 again! Don't you know any other time sigs?"

"Stop fiddling with my brain!"

"Hello... hello..., hello... Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?
Come on now... I hear you're feeling down.
Well I can ease your pain... Get you on your feet again. "


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I used to be in a top notch studio, you know. Played by all kinds of great players. But I know that you're still young and hopeful, so I'll let you try ;-)

Ah, yes. Jazz, you know I've been there and liked it. And you say we're going somewhere funky as well? Great!

Yeeeey, you bought me some new heads! You knew it was about time, didn't you? Oh, I haven't tried these before. But they seem to fit nicely :)

Why won't you let me play with that old Slingerland bass drum in your apartment? He looks sexy ;-)

Oh, yes! Finally some heavy hitting rock! And in a nice studio as well, even better. A great room to sing and shout all I want! You know, I think that Slingerland in your apartment would really looove to come and play with us here ;-) And I don't think these other people would mind either…
- Wait, what? Is that gaffa tape? Well I don't mind, but I feel he kind of chokes or constricts me somehow.. You sure?

Why are you putting me in cases? Are you just going to store me away? Or are we going somewhere? I've travelled without cases before, it went fine!

Oh, I haven't tried this before. A multi percussion set up, wow. I didn't know you did these kinds of things. Well, I'm all open for experimenting. I'll do my best!

Are you really going to pair me with that old snare drum? I haven't even heard of drums like him. Are you sure he's good?
- Wow, I'm glad you introduced me to those snares. Both that old steel one and the young furry piccolo one sounded great :) Why don't you bring that small Sonor sparkle next time? I've known him for a little while and he's great fun!

At least this is what I hope my drums would say to me :p


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my snare for shure would like to say something but it is muffled
you know, these moongels taste like......


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I was so excited when I was purchased and was told I was going to a good home and then I get here only to be stuck in a dark basement to be hit on by someone who doesn't have a clue and who sings out of key when she plays. A drums life is hard!


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Will you please get some gigs! I need to get out of the house and into the night clubs, get miced up, smell some cigarette smoke, watch some good looking women dance, get some beer spilled on me.


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"Uh...that is NOT how that goes."


"Those brushes really tickle. A little to the left please."

BTW, I'm surprised we've gone this far without a harder and faster joke somewhere...