If your drums could talk, what would they say?


"Uncle Larry"
OK a spur of the moment thread decision here...I apologize in advance, retroactively. (Playing with the time)

Mine would say....How come you never case me anymore? You used to case me all the time...Ex-CUSE ME if my shells don't say GURU!


How come you always put the same heads on me and set me up the same exact way? There's other positions you know....


Mmmm....nobody hits on me like you do big boy lol.


Don't ride me so hard!


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My drums would confess that when I'm playing them, they are actually fantasizing about being played by Bill Stewart.

Anon La Ply

Greetings Earthling.

My name is Rhyt-Hemt-Rave'Ler and I hail from Che-Apd'r Ums of the We Ek enDwa R'rior galaxy. Our people have been watching you for millennia, relaying your human vibrational input back to our home planet ...


"Take me out of the closet! Please!" My poor kit has to live in the closet since there is no room to keep it set up. :( I have an e-kit to play though in the mean time.

or from my practice kit
"Can I get a coat please?" It lives in an unheated garage that is very, very drafty... usually no more than 5f warmer than outside.

"Oh God... Here comes the cat... And in the port hole he goes..." - my drums.
Every time I get the kick drum out of the closet...

OUCH!!!!! OUCH!!!! OUCH!!!!!!
Ok, I had a good laugh from this one! thanks!


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If we're talking my Signia kit, it would be something like

"Remember when we use to gig all the time? Remember when we used to rehearse all the time? What happened? "

And then it would attempt to embarrass me with stories

"hey, remember that time, at that club, before you were married, with that........."

Oye....maybe it's a good thing my drums don't talk. LOL.