if you where to go back and change one thing in your life what would it be and why?

if you are a drummer how many hours a day do you play?

  • 15 minutes

  • an hour

  • 2 hours

  • 30 minutes

  • 20 minutes

  • ten minutes

  • till I get splinters

  • 0 hours

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Well, drum-related, it'd be: Stick to the one, single lesson I ever took and learn the double-stroke roll.

Non-drum related: Buy $1000 worth of Bitcoin when it was 25¢ each.


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I wouldn’t want fame or huge wealth cause I’d likely be an egocentric dick thinking I’m all that snd people might listen to my opinion. Oh hell no


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I would go back to when I was younger than teen and NOT START drinking and smoking pot.

The hugest waste(s) of time, energy, money, thought................
Just a waste.
Came here to say the same! Drinking caused me nothing but trouble and the same with my little brother who recently passed, my brain doesn't understand moderation so it's either all or nothing and I should have stuck with nothing! I'm going on 5 years sober now, but I threw away a solid 12 years.


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I’d not change a single thing as it’s made me who I am (for better or for worse)

Honestly have no regrets about my drumming journey, I never set out to do anything other than enjoy playing.

I wasn’t bothered about chasing goals of being the fastest, grooviest..etc. All that never appealed and I consider myself lucky for moving hundreds of miles away from my hometown as late teen to chase a ‘music career’, then staring a journey that took me around the country which resulted in many great experiences that I was fortunate to have.

Through drumming I met my other half, and we now have our daughter and have moved back to our hometown after nearly 20 years so it’s been perfect and has gone full circle and it’s now all about her.

My life now takes a back seat, as it should.

Drumming now comes second. The only regret is not keeping more in contact with a former Bandmate who remained a friend, who sadly died last year.
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There's too many to pick from.

Oh wait I thought of one. When I was about 4 I would ask friends to hum in my ear...fairly loud, because I liked the feeling of ruining all the cilia in my ear canals at the time.

I remember at around age 5...1964 or so...I thought I could hear the high pitched frequencies of radio and TV waves. Truth.

That was tinnitus at an early age. I only learned about tinnitus in the last 30 years or so.

The worst experiences are the best teachers. The lessons that go along with them are many magnitudes more valuable than the lessons that go along with the best experiences.

The rub is if I change those unsavory experiences, then the future is altered in ways I can never know.

We learned that from "Back to the Future" did we not? :)

So looking around, I don't want to chance it lol. Oh that's right, it's not too feasible anyway.

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Not one single thing.

l know where l am right now and l would not do one thing that could alter that in any way.

Have l made mistakes that l later regretted ? Of course l have, but With luck, age, and wisdom, l am sure to make many more.



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To maintain muscle memory you could just practice 10 minutes a couple of times a day.
To load muscle memory you have to put in the time, that differs from drummer to drummer, I think at least an hour a day while your learning stuff.
I believed you should practice everyday (x-mas, your birthday, on vacation) if you want to be ready to perform, so I did that for many years. After a few decades I had enough muscle memory that I could relax that ethic. Even now, old and arthritic etc, when I sit down to play, that muscle memory is still there and man, am I glad for that.
I was lucky to have played at a time when you could play 6 nights a week, 5 hours a night, travel and make decent money. That 30 hours a week on your instrument was more than practice, you learn a lot performing.
I had a bar gig Wed thru Sat, 6 hours a night. On Sat there was an afternoon jam for 3 hours so from 9 Fri night til 3 am Sun morning (30 hours) you played 15 hours and, if you wanted players to come to your jam, you had to go to theirs, so we did, between our jam and the evening sets.

To answer the question in your title, I wouldn't change anything. The good things in my life are the result of the path I've taken, with all its failures and successes, you can't have one without the other. There are lotsa things I could have done better, have gotten wrong, things I regret, still no change required.
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