If you haven't seen this, you're missing out.


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I thought about it too, was thinking along the same lines, always know where Monk is in the music...and that he's over here...'in the space'.

You got rid of your LP's? I will never lose mine, they sound great once in awhile, compared to digital or cd's.
Yes, I got rid of all but 2 or 3. One of them my Dad had Buddy autograph and the other two I think are the Gretsch Drum Nights which I kept because for some reason I wanted to.

I grew up and lived in a house with a Dad who had a record collection (78's, 45's, LP's and 10") that filled an entire room from floor to ceiling on every wall. The music spanned early Bessie Smith on up through the dawning of small group bebop which is where his interest ceased.

Eventually he became a part-time record dealer and I saw more records come and go in a month than many do in 10 years. I was blessed that I had access to it all.

I don't miss moving them or storing them. I find CD's to be much easier overall. I will say though, I do miss the gorgeous art work and liner notes I could actually read without my daughters magnifying glass.