If you had to frivolously buy some drum gear...


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What would you get? Something that you don't need, but kindasorta want? I've got an eBay coupon to spend, and I'm looking for ideas. Best I can come up with would be a nice throne like a Roc N Soc Nitro to replace the $30 cheapie I have, but that's not terribly exciting.

So let's say that you had to buy a single drum related toy for $100-$200, whether it be a practical purchase, or entirely silly, what would be on your list? I need ideas.


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If you need to upgrade the throne, then I wouldn't hesitate to do it.....in fact I'd consider anything I actually needed as first point of call, no matter what that was. Then I'd look for things I'd always been curious about, but never thought it was a 'must have' (eg percussion items or hand percussion instruments).

However, if I was to be really frivolous and "buy for the sake of buying"....then I'm always a sucker for a new cymbal or yet another snare drum.


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a decent kick drum mic
another hat pedal, so I could use one just for gigs

more mics (SM57, headset vocal mic,...)

Jeez - I blew $200 with the 1st thing on my list, can I get a bigger coupon please :)

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I'd find a good used pair of 15" hats probably Pastey, pros play Pastey... Either that or a set of timbales.

For a crazy choice, I'd get a bracket and a cheap kick pedal and rig up a foot tambourine. Ooh! and a jam wedge, the kind with the jingles.


Def get the good throne. It's easier to spend my money on exciting things that I don't really need, than on fundamentals like a throne.


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The entire library of iPod lessons from Mikeslessons.com. It's sort of gear because it is technically an add-on to an iPod/Phone, which I consider to be drum gear at this point.


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If you need a throne, and have the coupon $$$ for a nice one, I'd do that. Might not be as "fun" a choice, but you'll be glad you did it (and then you can spend your "real money" on something else too!!)

I just got a new Pearl round throne (D-1000 I think --it's a Roadster) after years of the cycle style and I love it.
VERY sturdy and real comfortable.
Not as heavy as the Tama Ergo seat I had (and sold, so I didn't end up paying that much for the new seat!).

The Tama was a real nice, well built seat, but the round just felt "freer" to me.
Roc-n-Soc is a great, sturdy brand too. I've had a RnS for almost 20 years that my son uses now. That one is a Mac Saddle.

I'd suggest a spin type seat no matter what brand you choose over the hydraulic style, and definitely not one of the smooth post style. Those always end up slipping down.


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In no particular order..

- A full set of clear CS heads to throw on the toms for my jazz series kit - I have been itching to try the Charlie Watts thing on 'em.
- Two more SM57s
- A handful of 50' XLR cables and a couple XLR Y cables
- A set of 70s New Beats

But I agree - the throne will be money well spent.


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$200 and completely frivolous..... does it have to be gear or just drum related?

well any way i'd rent 10 supermodels for 30 seconds (i figure thats the most i can get for $200) to stand around me and tell me how awesome i am.....

i suck, i need support.......


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Gonna throw in a vote for a new throne.

Until last week I'd been sitting on the same one I got with my first kit, in '92. Was one of those things that I was always just "satisfied" with and I upgraded cymbals or other hardware whenever I had the money to spend on the kit. Over the years my taste in cymbals changed and I wish money I spent on the pies I have sitting around collecting dust was put towards something I'd use every time I played.


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+10 on the new throne. It may not seem too sexy compared to a cymbal or something, but a good throne is a great thing to have.

If was feeling frivolous I'd probably buy some 13" hi hats to see what those felt like. Or a small china (10-14").


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New Throne is at the top of the list.

If you want a bunch of little things, get a bunch of cheap splashes. Paiste Alpha, ZHT, etc. Going "ping-spsh-ksh!" is a great feeling.


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Dude, if you have a cheap throne.....go get a great one! Your a$$ and lower back will notice the difference right away.