If you had a Drum Shop Credit?

paradiddle pete

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Feel free to answer this question in any way that doesn't rock the boat. If you had a credit at a drum shop for $3000 would you just use that $3000 or would you add to it to get something better? and what would you buy? I'm talking sets not hardware cymbals etc.. go!


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Gretsch Brooklyn if I'm not adding money.

C.M. Jones

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I'm not in want of a kit right now, but presuming I could put these proceeds toward any combination of drums, not just toward a shell pack, I'd get three Pearl Music City Custom snares, all 14"x5", one in maple, one in cherry, and one in ash. Each is a thousand bucks, so that would consume the credit.

I'd play the snares for a few weeks, determine which one I liked most, and sell the other two. I might even just give two of them away. If they were free in the first place, why not pass them on?
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I would have the custom cocktail drum made that I have been wanting for years....that would leave me with about $1000 or so left over to keep for the possibility of an older/vintage set to come into the store and I could then grab that...


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I’d add to it and have the shop order me a Sonor ProLite kit.

I have an Oak/Maple/Oak kit, I have a birth kit so a maple kit with re rings is next on my list


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Depends on what I feel I need or want, in that order.

The Shepherd

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Ludwig Classic Oak 24/13/16
Ludwig Supraphonic 14x6.5

With taxes, that'd cover most of the $3000


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What I'd buy begins with a C and and contains the letters laybm
Hmmm, cymbals were specifically excluded from the OP. And I didn’t see an “s” in there, implying just one cymbal. For $3k, that’d better be one nice cymbal!

If it were me, probably a Gretsch USA Custom. I saw this one a while back on Reverb, and I thought they looked amazing! So I’d have them recreate these down to the Stop Sign badges. If it went over $3k, I’d gladly pay the difference.



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I’d put the money towards a Gretsch USA Custom and what would be my final kit. I’d take my family on an extended holiday of the United States visiting all places we want to see, whilst down south incorporating a trip to the Gretsch factory for a tour and boozy lunch with the client manager. Afterwards, I’d spend the afternoon trying out a few kits before choosing the colour, sizes and fixtures of mine. Probably need a bit more than 3k but no need to split hairs.


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Whatever I can buy that will resell for as close to that $3k as possible so I can use that cash in an appropriate and responsible manner.


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I'm taking this as £3000 :) I'm taking a Yamaha Hybrid Oak in Uzu Ice. Suzes10, 12, 14, 16 and 22 with the matching 14 snare. I think I'd still owe £500 haha


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DW Collectors kit or Tama Star...I'd sell a few of the kits I no longer want to make up the difference. I need to get from four to two.