If you don't want to make a living, play this style ;)


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Thanks, but the pages are definitely bullshit.
According to that first page he is currently 97 years old and his netto worth as of now is $12 Million.
Too bad he died back in 1985 and has no chance of spending all of this sudden fortune in his old age.

Honestly, please check facts before you publish them.
I just donated money for both Jimmy Cobb and Charli Persip a couple of months ago.
Both of them (and a lot more older jazz musicians) were in dire need of money and passed away a few weeks later.
America doesn't take good care of its artists.
I make an ok living playing jazz, by the way. But that's over here in Europe.
When I played with Tal Farlow when he was on tour here he told me how he worked as a sign painter for a living, and that was AFTER he played with Red Norvo, Charles Mingus and Artie Shaw.
You can always donate some money to https://jazzfoundation.org.
They take care of older musicians that are in danger loosing their home or simply starve since they don't have enough gigs anymore.
And there are world famous musicians among them.
you are my hero. this had to be said.


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You could also say I have a net worth of $5-6 million (approx., not verified) at the age of . Why not.

Savvy move putting NOT VERIFIED on there, preserving the good name of celebZtrendZNOWWlol.com as a valued resource.