If you don’t like country music


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The last time I played in a country band was late 70s-just a few gigs. But I'd love to try it again. It's fun music-oddly I guess being nostalgic of my Dad (who loved it and always had it on radio or tape) I've been listening to some again. I have to admit I downright hated it for years though-probably just purely out of spite my Dad loved it so much the truth be known. LOL.


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I'm picturing john Travolta and sissy tearin it up on the dance floor. That is some get down country!.


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Holy-moly! People dancing. That's illegal in our town at the moment. :D

Nice playing!

I usually only listen to Country to learn specific songs. I think my favorite aspect of good Country is the harmony/BG vocals. I inevitably find something tasty - a dynamic change, a subtle fill, or a musical interaction - that I look forward to when playing the songs.

Songs like Somebody Like You by Keith Urban. That damn song got it's hooks in deep when I started learning it. Fantastic lyrics. Great arrangement. Killer playing, and production.