If you could put ANYTHING inside your bass drum, what would it be?


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A fish tank mounted on a Kelly Shue system? Birdcage? a Keg? Fog Machine?

I would put a washing machine in my Bass drum, should be trippy for the audience to look at.


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Pixie Dust or whatever the forum members have been smoking that come up with these silly Off Topic Lounge threads.


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18" JBL, a 1000w amp, a trigger with a sample of a 26" 3 ply maple and a volume knob....for those gigs where an inequity needs to be nudged in my favor ;)


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A full bed. I've seen blankets, sheets, pj's, pillows... why not just do it all? I'll hire someone to sleep in it too for gigging.


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I like my bass drum empty.....so how about a signature of Tony Williams, Buddy Rich, Art Blakey, Max Roach, John Bonham...some famous drummer who I admire and who has passed on.


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Andy's wind chimes
My wind chimes are maligned enough as it is, without further torture. If they go in the bass drum, so do you, & I'll play The Wombles greatest hits on a loop relentlessly. If you plead with sufficient sincerity, I just might switch to a Kenny G medley once an hour ;)