If you could professionally play only ONE percussion instrument, what would it be?


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One time I got challenged for first chair on a triangle piece. I won.

I guess that passes. No snare strainers of any funny business with wood layers and cutting out wood.
If you can't have a snare in the cajon, then you can't have a snare on a drum, either.


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If it was a living wage, I'd have to say finger snapper or hand clapper. That beats the load in/load out of the triangle player any day!

Already been said by others, but piano and marimba would be my real choices.


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Although if other choices were available, probably timpani. Don't know why, but I love playing those things.


"Uncle Larry"
I'd probably go with piano first, then vibes. Piano is the more highly versatile instrument and you can play simple or complex chords, which is important to my enjoyment of music. Plus you can do bass lines as well as melody lines as well as purely percussive parts. Probably the most all around versatile instrument there is, right?