If you could Have Lessons Fron Any Professional Drummer Who Would It Be?


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Hmm... Steve Gadd, Simon Phillips, Chad Smith, and definitely Carter Beauford. But my current teacher is really good at both drumming and teaching so I won't complain, lol.


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Dom Famularo. In the handful of times I've seen him, he just vibes of the joy of drumming. Drumming should be like a primal connection to your inner soul, the mastery of it is a rewarding endeavor but I think the joy of the journey should be the biggest reward. Remember the first time you perfected the double stroke roll? Or a paradiddle? Or a swing beat, bosso nova beat or blast beat? From what i hear, Dom is the kind of teacher that brings out that feeling in his students.


Jim Mattingly

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Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Gavin Harrison, The Professor...Not necessarily in this order but any would suffice. Oh and I can't believe I left out Lenny White, Tony Williams and Billy Cobham....


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My first thought was Peter Erskine. Always loved his playing and he seems so easy going although not the kind of player I'm looking to become necessarily. Kind of a yin/yang thing there I suppose.

Dave DiCenso because he is what kind of player I'd like to become.

And Benny Greb. Saw one of his clinics and was so impressed by what a genuine, personable, smart and insightful guy he is. And a monster drummer to boot!


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Jojo, or Mike Mangini, or Derek Roddy...or just about anyone, really. You always learn something, even if it's that you're doing ok yourself.


Lots of Greats....... but for me its gotta be Steve Smith....... chops, groove, sense of history...... and seems like a hell of a nice guy


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Terry Bozzio, Mike Mangini. Others have mentioned... Steve Smith, Virgil, etc. Basically someone like that with a LOT of knowledge.


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Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips, Gavin Harrison, Todd Sucherman, John Riley and, last but not least, John Bonham.

Just what is going on in The Crunge, Bonzo?!


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I would love to take lessons with Jason Bittner. It's actually very possible to do this. He offers lessons before most shows when he is no tour. I would be too intimidated and embarrassed to take lessons from him because I'm pretty sure what he would consider beginner type stuff is out of my league. I would also like to learn from Eric Singer.


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Chad Smith or Rick Latham for my choice.
Rick is a great guy! I really enjoyed my time with him...

As much of an inspiration DW is, and tho my favorite player, he's not the most cordial person to hang with so my second choice would be DiCenso....I like his vibe, style, groove and crazy chops.