If you could Have Lessons Fron Any Professional Drummer Who Would It Be?


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It would have to be either Benny Greb or Carter Beauford. I went to a Benny Greb drum clinic and he was really funny. He just seems like a fun person to be around and his drumming is amazing. And I really dig Carter Beauford's style. Its a tough choice between the two for me.


Dave Grohl. But when he showed up I'd say, "Hey, man, how 'bout we bail on the lesson and call up Josh and John for a beer?"


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Bernard Purdie?
Tony Williams?
Clyde Stubblefield?
Stanton Moore?

Too many to know!!
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Probably Jojo Mayer, Mike Mangini, Benny Greb, Derek Roddy...and more I expect. I was never good at just picking one thing.

Jeremy Bender

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To be taught time keeping and groove concepts by Ndugu Chanceller or Steve Gadd would be great.
I would also love to learn from Chester Thompson on how he approaches different musical situations. Maybe we could sit for an hour and discuss the music business too.
There's so much to be learned that doesn't require a drum throne.
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Honestly, I couldn't pick one or a couple. I'd have to say any drummer that I've heard and liked, even if Drummer X,Y and Z played the same (or similar) thing, perhaps they each had a different approach about it.


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dead= Chapin, tony williams, buddy rich.

Alive= Danny Carrey, just so i could play his kit!
Honestly, I would have to say Steve Gadd.

Nathan L

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Mike Portnoy, Mike Mangini, Ringo (yes, Ringo), or if he was alive, Bonzo.

Portnoy's always been my idol. Mangini is just a beast. Ringo was around to really see music develope and created some of the biggest changes to drumming I've ever heard. And John Bonham is John Bonham.

wy yung

I have been lucky with teachers so far. Donati was a great teacher. As was Graham Morgan. Sunil deSilva also was fantastic as was Ken Campagna.

I should have taken lessons from David Jones when I had the chance. Missed out.

Joe Morello is the guy I would choose today.