If you could Have Lessons Fron Any Professional Drummer Who Would It Be?


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So out of any drummer you know, who would you choose and why?

For me I think it'd be insanely awesome to have Gavin Harrison, Benny Greb, Todd Sucherman or Vinnie C. But only if my current drum teacher wasn't available, he's such a good fit for me!



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That's such an easy question for me to answer. Simon Phillips has amazed me with his playing for over 30 years. Not only is he the consummate rock drummer, but his sense of groove, his dynamics, his reserve, his multi genre ability, & above all, his musicality and interpretation skills are sublime IMO.

Rather than a lesson, I think a good long jam with lots of beer breaks would be ideal for me. I don't want to pick up his chops or tricks or grooves, I want to get inside his dynamic & expression skillset. The man can deliver so much power on the back of almost nothing. That's the gift that leaves me with a sense of wonderment every time I see him play live.


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I think John Densmore. If Mitch Mitchell was alive, him too.

This part of KIS's comment resonates with me:

I don't want to pick up his chops or tricks ... I want to get inside his dynamic & expression skillset​

Copping Benny Greb's feel would be pretty special too ... um, I should rephrase that since I'd probably spend the lesson with him gazing adoringly at him :) ... but really, the feel of Benny's playing amazes me.


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Inspirational teachers and inspirational players aren't mutually exclusive necessarily . I've had a lesson with Gregg Bissonette many years ago which was incredible and unforgettable and not just about drums. I've had a conversation with Max Roach which was worth at least 20 drum lessons.

I'd love to learn from Dave DiCenso, a teacher at Berklee who is decoding the groove like Vettner dissected the human genome. He is funny, engaging, smart , articulate, and can communicate with great emotion. Everything I'd want in a teacher or a lesson.

Absolutely from:

Ian Paice.
John Bonham.
Bill Ward.
Carmine Appice.
John Tempesta.
Roger Taylor.
Cozy Powell.
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tony williams
elvin jones
john bonham

to be able to sit one on one with these guys and hear them talk to me about drums...heck that's worth a trip to the Other side...


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Dom Famularo, the drumming ambassador. I met him at a clinic and it felt as if I had known him for ever. He has the perfect demeanor for teaching and has been around the globe a few times. I did feel sorry for him at one point though when he said I reminded him of his ex-wife. Poor guy.
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No two ways about it, Gavin Harrison. I prefer techincal playing and he is one of the best, and seems very approachable.



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Abe, why was it worth 20 drum lessons? Or do you mean that it was amazing to speak with a legend? I know it's not something I'd forget.
I think the story is buried in some old DW threads. The gist was an afternoon spent at his home with him and another drummer Willie Jones. It was an insight into a great musical mind through a free-wheeling conversation about everything under the sun, which ended with an invitation to his humongous basement which housed,other 8 fully set up Ludwig kits, every imaginable percussion instruments ever invented. He talked a lot about his favoritew music and explained what he liked about it. That in itself was like going to music school...

..., Dave DiCenso......
Oh yeah!!


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If I could spend just a couple of hours one day with John Riley, focusing only on playing the ride cymbal, I'd be really, really happy.