If you could have it all - What would it be?



One of John Bonhams original kits. Preferably the Green sparkle 3ply maple kit


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I'd love a Craviotto 5.5 Diamond Snare.
If I could get anything, I'd love to have Alex Van Halen's Stainless Steel kit he used in '78.

As for cymbals, a 24" Sabian HH Jazz Ride is at the top of the list, and is very possible--just have to shell out the dough...

A couple Sabian 20" HH Med Thin crashes would be cool.

A set of 16" hats that are different than the K Light Hats I have, which might happen too.


Ludwig hammered 6.5x14 Black Beauty w/tube lugs.
Anything Craviatto.
Oh, and a drum tech would be nice.


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Another set of radial pros or a set of the new prototype guru's with sabian aax and hh cymbals plus a set of roland td20's for quiet times.


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One of Ringo's mid 1960s Ludwig kits along with 4 weeks of personal lessons by Ringo himself at whatever estate of his that he selects.

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I'm pretty much done spending on gear other than a snare here or there. I've played everything I had an interest in but I never owned a Sonor Delite and I think their excellant sounding drums.
I guess I've owned over 100 hundred kits, I know once moving to SW Fla in 1989 I've had just about 60 and from 1969 thru 1985 I was wearing them out doing road work and putting lots of gear away wet and not carring for them very well but thats the way it was back then.
They've been more than a yearly right off!!!! hahahaha! I do enjoy playing different drums for sure. Doc

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Money no object?

I would buy the Simon Phillips 30th anniversary Starclassic drumkit from Tama with all the cymbals as well. (That's just for the fun...)

AND, I'll arrange a visit with Andy and Dean to try some Guru drums, have a very long chat about the sounds I would like to have on my drumkit, and hopefully end up with THE kit of my life. (I can still hear that bass drum sound from the little video that Andy made during Lutz visit to Guru drums a few weeks ago.... mmmmmmh, very good sound, and that from the camcorder!)

BUT!!! I haven't got that money...... :(

So I'll just keep dreaming about it all. :))