If we gathered up all the used Zildjian ZBT's, Sabian B8's and Meinl HCS Cymbals........

No Way Jose

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I like the 18 inch Zildjian ZBT crash cymbal and the 14 inch Meinl HCS hi hats. A Sabian B8 cymbal set is on the Yamaha Stage Custom kit at the band's practice studio, and they sound pretty good for the classic rock songs that we play. They sound nice and are moderately priced, that may be why they are popular.


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I think they're popular because they're cheap first and foremost. They were bundled with an awful lot of first drumsets and while you can upgrade those beginner drums with new heads if you want to upgrade cymbals the only option is new cymbals.

Yamaha Rider

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ZBTs might be bad - but ZXTs are so bad that no-one even mentions them. Ever.
Guess who bought one? It was meant to be a crash but I'm using it as a hihat until it gives me a full apology.


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I have a 20" Sabian PRO ride. I only have it for its ping. It does ping beautifully. Sucks at everything else. It is by no means my main ride.


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Melt then all down and send them to Paiste. Peace and goodwill.

Jasta 11

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hahaha the practice kit i use has B8 hats and a ZBT ride! i will say the ride is heavy and pretty decent, the hats are a bit on the crappy side.
The Sabian B8 hats are also very tarnished looking, they just look very cheap.