If I had my way...



You might get a lot of "alternative use" enquiries with that brand name ;) Could be a winner!

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That sucks about your computer. Please don't let Deathmetalcongo know, we will never hear the end of it. :(


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I like the idea, but with that kinda money in heads, I would hope there were some bonuses not usually offered. Like when it's time to change out heads, you would accept the old ones back and discount the new ones. Or better yet, lifetime warranty on whatever combination you have, so like a broken cymbal that's still under warranty, when it was time to change out heads, just send in the old ones and get new ones for free. And with that you could bump the price a little and be able to justify the cost to your consumer.

But I'm with some of the others on this, having that many options, it would be really hard to know what you would want, considering other companies have never offered such a thing. To most of us, it's either single or double ply, coated or clear, and what brand we think sounds the best on our personal kits. When you start messing with the ply's and comboinations of them, it's going to take some time to try them all out to find that sound we each perfer, and in doing that, you would easily spend more money than most kits cost! So, maybe for that kind of price, you could also offer an online class to help understand the differences from ply to ply, as well as material to material.

It's a really cool thought, though, and could add another possible way to tweak your sound. But then again, I dig the sound I'm getting out of my Evans! :)