If I had $1000 (or the equivalent) to spend on drum gear, I would buy..........


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New heads and sticks, a metronome, and a 20" Yamaha bass drum. The rest, I'd save. ;)


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First i would get a new drumrack. I have the Pearl DR-80 which i find very limiting. The upside is that for it's price you get a good rack, but since Pearl only offer PC-8 clamps (7/8" pipes only) and that you can't alter the height of the bars it's hard to find the perfect setup. Might go with a Gibraltar rack then. And since i use a pretty vast setup, i think getting all the stuff and clamps would set me back around $1000, so nothing left for anything else... maybe a Paiste 6" accent


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Tama Power Tower rack setup. Although, I priced out a complete 3-section setup last fall, with extra cymbal booms, accessory mounts and memory locks and the price was $1795.26


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I would have a custom made cocktail drum for my swing band and cow punk/rockabilly band...already have the plan on paper, just need the funds....