IEMs with hearing protection

I know I'm not the only person here with hearing difficulty/condition due to drumming. I just want to throw this out. I recently ordered custom IEMs/hearing protection combo from this company called Big Ear and they are just amazing. They had to get my ear molds first then I had to wait 14-21 days but the IEMs are worth the wait. They sound great and they block out external noise very well. I suggest you guys check them out!


Bo Eder

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Pretty cool but I’ve never seen the need for custom molds. Shure IEMs fit me perfectly.
And unfortunately, you won’t know how good they’d work for you until you break down and buy them because they’re custom made for you. That’s the irony, eh?

Bo Eder

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But they fit perfectly so... I ain’t missing out on much
I’m just saying there’s no way for you to know. I used the Shure SE310 for a long time and I thought that’s all I needed. Then I actually spent the money and got fitted. It was like going from a typewriter to a word processor. No way I’d go back to a typewriter.


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I never play without my Shure P9HW, wired beltpack. As it has a build in limiter.
And +1 for custom moulds over all purpose in-ears.

Those are good backups (and even then).