IEM: Shure SE215 vs SE425 for drumming


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I currently have the Shure215s and have had them for a few years. They work fine and have served me well. I am thinking about upgrading to the SE425s.

If there is anyone out there that owns/has used both; is it worth upgrading for drumming in a live band/practice setting?

Thank you


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I haven't used the SE425s but any time you can go from single to multiple driver is a big upgrade and help.


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I can't comment on 215s, but my 425s have provided me years of great service. I did replace the cable once, but just because I wanted more length without another point of connection. The old cable still rides along as a backup.

I can comment that they sound better than single driver earbuds, but that isn't really the apples to apples comparison you're looking for.


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I could add that in terms of fidelity, I prefer them to all of my cans. Not that I have anything fancy, but I do have a decent selection. If I invested in custom molds to make them easier to take in and out, I'd probably also spring for the Bluetooth harness for everyday use.