IEM just for the click (now with 1st live performance vid!)


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I use a Tamagotchi's Rhythm Watch wired to a small 5 channel Yamaha Mixer. Click goes on one channel and I take a direct feed of the band on a 2nd channel. Simple, easy, works great!
Do you use a limiter or feedback destroyer of any kind? I'm looking into doing this and that's a concern I have keeping me from doing this.


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Hi Jimmy, Happy New year to everyone!

A semi pro drummer gave me some good advice a while back: use IEM to protect your hearing but always be in control. So a small mixer with a feed from all instruments & vocals, plus whatever mics (I started off using cheapo Behringer vocal mics) you have on your drums. Ideally include a limiter for when somebody sends something nasty from the main deck. Balance everything so you hear what you want to hear & off you go. Doesn’t cost much either other than maybe the custom IEM’s.

Now ACS have your ear molds it should be easy to go to the next stage (I’m a customer as well!).

On the subject of click tracks I’ve tried that & never got on with it. So I use LiveBPM on my phone to keep me as close to the ideal as possible. That doesn’t stop others rushing a bit but I’ve got better at controlling them. I lay down a framework, the bass player is very good at keeping it tight & it’s up to the other flamboyants to keep in line!

Top marks on the video.


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Thank you very much for the comments & feedback mday, Totally agree with all of that and will give LiveBPM a go I think. Just bought it.

In the studio I'm still having to reset the click during various songs - I can only assume the guitar player is slightly racing (he's the singer as well so workload probably quite high). When everyone is dialed into the click (me) it's great, but it only takes them to be slightly out and it's almost impossible for me to keep playing to the click without resetting it. I have mentioned this very politely this week so hopefully next time in the studio there'll be a little more awareness. It's not bad, just find it really tricky to maintain control once it's gone. Glad to hear it's not an issue unique to me and the guys.

PS. we had to let the Keys player go - really tricky as he's a personal friend - but there were music taste differences and a 'volume battle' going on... we want to be able to play more musically in general - I love being more dynamic now. It's tough when you need to decide what you really want from the hobby - I want more than just a few mates jamming together which is how it began 12 months ago. Dedication, more practice and continued lessons are my goal this year (and in turn, more live performances!)

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Small update / feedback in case it helps others
Last night in the studio I ditched the IEM's for the click and just used the Live BPM app on my phone to monitor tempo.
I have to say it worked a treat and totally let the music breathe - yes the tempo was varying throughout the song by a few BPM but it allowed me to slow things back a bit in the quiet verses and naturally control the tempo. Turns out we weren't as bad as keeping time as I thought!