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I just tried out the iDrumTune App. I usually don't go for these app things, but I saw the picture of the spectral analysis and well, I'm a sucker for a picture of a spectral analysis.

It's pretty cool so far. I guess I was a little disappointed to find that the iPad mic isn't sensitive enough for tuning bass drums. A couple of features I wish it had was a way to display frequencies of target notes. As it is I was left guessing what the exact frequency was for Bb. Even with the natural notes, it was kind of difficult to tell when the drum was in tune based on where the notes were located, I just don't see exponential intervals very well, fortunately I have some notes memorized. The other feature I wish it had was a way to overlay modes of vibrating membranes. I have the intervals kind of memorized, and was able to tune my basses using my knowledge of the overtones(I think), but it would be nice to be able to figure out if I was seeing the flat six, minor ninth or major ninth, based on where all the overtones are not just the few I know.

The best feature IMO was the lug tuning feature. To be able to figure out if two or three lugs(out of eight or ten) were out of tune at the same time is awesome, and it works for the basses just as well as the toms. I also used the feature for differences between the batter and reso.


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Is this the one you're using?

I've been using "Drum Tuner" for iPhone, which got blitzed from the App Store recently. I've been looking for a replacement with more modern features. I'd love to hear other recommendations.

I'm still at a point where I tend to tune for whatever the instructor has me working on, and change up my tunings every week or so. Precision tuning can be fun, and often catches mistakes i still make.

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I've tried all but one of the tuning apps for iOS and Android, and iDrumTune is the one I still use.

Two features put it at the top of the class: the spectrum view, already mentioned, and the notch filter, which is great for when you are close to your target pitch but not quite there.

iDrumTune survived the legal flurry from Tune Bot because the guy's research was published before Tune Bot's patents. If he wanted to, and had the resources, he could probably nuke their patent.

I think there's even a free version out now that has most of the functionality.


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I wish iPad had high quality mic inputs. Maybe I could use my high quality mic, and audacities spectral tuning to get the basses in tune the first time, then use iDrumTune to maintain the tuning.

The snare tuning was really great, it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling.